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Welcome To National Gas Website!

National Gas S.A.E. was incorporated on 26/5/98 under the provisions of General Authority of Investment and Free Zones decree n. 961/1998

Our Projects History

A 20-year Concession agreement has been signed on 6/1/1999, Please find below our projects history in details:


The cities of Belbies and Abu Hammad

After only one year of signing the contract with EGPC, National Gas delivered natural gas to the first home in Belbies city on the 31st of December 2000.


The city of 10th of Ramadan

On April 29th, 2001 the Amendmentn.1 to the Concession Agreement was signed with EGPC, starting Phase 2 of the Project, to develop the gas distribution network in the area of 10th of Ramadan City, for an estimated potential of 57,000 residential clients in the industrial areas B3, B4, C1, with and investment over 180 millions L.E.


The city of Zagazig

The Amendment n.2 to the Concession Agreement was finally signed end of March, 2004.
This allowed us to enter Phase 3 of the Project in the area of Zagazig, the Capital city of Sharkeya Governorate.


Fakous, Abu Kbeer, Hehia, Kafr Sakr, Meniael Amh

A detailed feasibility study has been prepared to connect the rest of Sharkiya cities to the natural gas supply. This final phase targets more than 250,000 residential clients, as well as, 2,500 commercial and industrial clients.

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National Gas

We are leaders each in their place to ensure optimum output and client satisfaction in each stage of the work process.

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Interesting Words from our Clients’ Services

  • This abundant, clean, and efficient energy source is greener than you think! Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel. Natural gas has many advantages over other fuels. It has fewer impurities and its combustion results in less pollution.

    Why Natural Gas?

  • Natural gas is a fossil fuel formed when layers of buried plants, gases, and animals are exposed to intense heat and pressure over thousands of years.

    How Natural Gas Gets To Your Home/ Business

  • So if you are residing in any of the highlighted cities, please contact your local client service center to utilize on the service.

    How far is National Gas’s reach?